why did michelle stafford leave general hospital

Because she was so nice and polite and kind. I think she was the most polite person I’ve ever met.

It depends on who you ask, but it’s probably the best reason to leave general hospital.

She just has no interest in life. She’s just this annoying, annoying person who just wants to do her own thing and not be bothered by you or anyone else. She’s the sort of person who would put her foot down for you, and she’s not interested in you or anyone else. She is the antithesis of the general hospital patient. It is clear from this video that she loves her life, but you can’t just let that go.

If you don’t like michelle stafford, you can always just turn off your phone and go back to reading a book, watching a film, or just not watching your favorite tv show.

michelle stafford is a person who seems to love life, a person who has a very serious attitude towards the general hospital patients she encounters. She seems to just want to do her own thing and not have to bother you or anyone else. However, as long as you keep her away from her patients, the general hospital will be fine.

The general hospital is one of those places that has an ambiance that has been around for a very long time. It is a place that is basically a well-kept secret. People who are not well-known tend to avoid it, not because they don’t want to be bothered by it, but because they are scared of it. It is also a place that is very close to the hospital itself, which makes it more dangerous than it should be.

A few days ago we wrote about michelle stafford, the patient who left a dead man’s leg in the middle of the hospital, and the possibility that she might have used it as a weapon to escape with. This week we learned that, yes, Stafford does have a way of leaving bodies in hospitals. That way she can escape the general hospital. Of course, this may be just another part of Stafford’s elaborate plan.

Apparently Stafford’s plan isn’t complete without her leaving the hospital and then kidnapping the doctors and nurses who work there. Not only does this mean that Stafford has been at the hospital for quite some time, it also means that there is at least one person who has not been in the hospital since she left. That person is Dr. William, the head of the hospital’s “psychiatric wing.

The game looks really well put together and I would have thought that Staffords plan of escape would be very clever, but as you can see in the video, it isnt. It looks like they just broke into the hospital and took every single staff member who isnt a patient.

The reason for Stafford’s plan to escape was to avoid a hospital to go. A hospital can be a place where you can find a couple of people who are there and take care of them. It could be a place where you can meet up with a couple of people who are there and then spend some time together, and you can find out who is there and then take care of them.

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