Painting the interior of one’s house can be a great and inexpensive way to spice up the aesthetics. In addition to enhancing the home’s aesthetic, one can even significantly increase their house’s resale value. One can consider accent wall painting, faux painting, wood paneling, changing wallpapers, or repairing drywalls to add a radiant effect to their home interior. 

house painting oklahoma city is widely famous for its efficient techniques and top-notch services. Oklahoma is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan cities. It is famously known as the residents’ recreational district in the southwest. Additionally, it has many ancient museums, beautifully themed parks, and artistic homes. Due to various attractions in the city, Oklahoma is known for providing the best house painting services.  

However, home painting can sometimes be an uphill task. Going through the wide-ranging color cards, shade cards, texture plates, etc., can be time-consuming. But with the proper guidance, one can quickly put together a striking home interior painting and design. 

Here is a list of a few aspects one must consider to craft a tasteful home interior. 

The Various Types Of Wall Paintings 

Broadly, there are two main types of wall paintings one can choose to paint their interior home walls- water-based paint and oil-based paint. Check out the distinctive features of both types: 

  • Water-Based Wall Paint 

As the name suggests, water-based paints use water as their primary solvent. Due to this, the color releases fewer volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere. This makes it a healthier alternative for both people and the environment. 

These paints are versatile and can be applied to various structures like homes, swimming pools, roofs, railings, floors, etc. The paint comes in two types- Latex and Acrylic. 

  • Oil-Based Wall Paint 

Oil-based paints use white spirit and turpentine as their primary solvent instead of water. Due to this, the paint tends to have a suitable viscosity. The paint tends to have a shimmering look and is resistant to dust settling. These paints are long-lasting and perfect for someone who doesn’t want to change the colors now and then. 

The Various Types Of Textures 

In this modern era, there are more textures than just glossy or matte finishes. Some of Oklahoma’s largest sectors include leisure, hospitality, and tourist attractions, all of which beautify their buildings with top-notch painting colors, textures, and shades. House painting in Oklahoma city, offered by skilled professionals, provides a wide range of creative textures. These textures offer depth to the walls, thus enhancing their beauty. The price of house painting in the city hovers around $40 to $60 for an hour. In terms of square feet, the price hovers around $2.75 to $5.13 per square foot. 

Check out the various types of textures and their unique features.

  • Mosaic 

Mosaic texture comprises various geometric shapes. These can include zig-zag lines, wavy lines, extensive swirls, check patterns, etc., to provide a striking look to your home walls. The mosaic texture is also known to make the room look bigger and broader than it already is. 

  • Brick 

If you want to give a vintage look to your home, the brick texture is the right choice for you. Traditionally, bricks have been used to build houses. However, now people are bringing the vintage look of bricks into their wall decor. Adding such a texture adds a bold character to the home. 

  • Rustic 

Rustic texture, also known as the sand effect, is beautifully created with the help of marbles and chips. This material produces a raindrop illusion. If your drywall looks flat, add depth to it using this texture. It works well for covering wall defects.

If you tend to have damaged plaster, drywall, or sheetrock, you might want to consider getting professional aid to repair the damages. It is essential to repair the walls before coating them with new paints as they may fall out later.

Hiring a Professional House Painter

One can easily spice up their home interior game by choosing the right colors, textures, and paints for their walls. However, deciding on what will look good is a tricky task. But a professional painter can help with that. Additionally, to execute the whole process skillfully, one can consider hiring professionals to get that striking modern look in their homes. Not only do they have immense knowledge of painting but also come prepared with all the equipment required. With the help of the above-mentioned factors, one can easily choose the optimal house painting requirements at one’s convenience. 

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