cameron on general hospital

I’m pretty sure this is what it looks like when a cameron is on general hospital.

Basically, that’s what this clip is. While a cameron is on general hospital, they’re going to have to watch cameron for the rest of the episode. I just thought it was funny that the doctor seemed to think cameron was hilarious when he was trying to shoot a cat in the head.

Just like with the rest of this trailer, all the cool stuff about the crew who’s been on the hospital for months is coming back from the hospital. I like how they got on the ground and were able to see how well they got on a helicopter and how much damage they took. Most of the crew was pretty cool, but you can’t really tell if the cameron was the smartest guy or the most evil.

The doctor who made a big deal of the fact that he was the only one who could shoot the cat in the head was just an idiot. Cameron is not the smartest guy, just the most annoying. His plan is clearly not working, and it looks like he is going to die. I just hope I can get to work, and then I can kill him in a way that will make him feel better.

My favorite part of this episode was how the whole episode turned out. The cameron character has a special ability that allows him to shoot himself in the head, and it’s explained that it is a kind of “suicide by cop”. I think that is awesome, and the way that it is explained is just a great idea.

As if you’ve never seen a big fight before. The whole episode was very well written and incredibly funny. The cameron story was also very interesting, and I liked the way it was written. The animation was incredible, and it was quite enjoyable, especially when you’ve got a lot of dead bodies. It’s very interesting that it’s something I’d love to see.

Although cameron seems to have taken the form of a cop/cop, it’s actually quite strange. I mean, its an amnesiac. Its not like its a robot either. I guess it has a personality of its own.

This is definitely something Id like to see. The only thing is that I don’t think its going to be in the episode, I just think Id like to see the cameron story. Although I would totally rewatch the whole thing. It was very well written and very funny.

The cameron story is probably something that Id do again. Especially if they make it a full hour. I just dont think Id watch it alone.

Well, it’s not something that I would really watch by myself either. I would probably watch it with my friends. But I also think it would be cool to watch it with my sister.

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