why did they kill franco on general hospital

General Hospital is an American drama television series that premiered on January 13, 1998, on NBC. The show is set in Miami, Florida and follows the lives of three private detectives: John Travolta, played by Frank Langella, Daniel Dae Kim, and Matthew Fox from the show’s pilot episode through the series’ first season.

The show was created by David G. Miller, a former New York City police detective turned Hollywood stuntman. The show was originally intended to be a summer replacement for NYPD Blue, but when the pilot season started it was cancelled after two seasons with the main characters leaving the show due to their inability to maintain their relationships and jobs.

Frank Langella, played by John Travolta, appeared in the first few seasons of the show as a young, inexperienced detective in a small-town police force. He had a few incidents with the law, including a time he accidentally shot a cop, and the episode “The Man Who Cried Wolf (The TV Show)”. He moved on to other work, and was killed in the season 3 finale by a man who had been stalking him for years.

The whole series was a tragedy, and Langella’s death was a massive blow to the series. It is also a significant event in the history of American television as a whole. The show has a strong sense of how important the community of those who work in a particular field is to the viewers, and Langella’s murder was a tragic reminder of just how vulnerable people can be to the crimes they commit.

Even though Langellas death was a tragedy, it also highlights the important role of the media in shaping the public perception of a situation. The fact that Langellas death was a reminder of how vulnerable people can be to the crimes they commit is a very powerful statement. One of the things that Langellas death reminds us of is that the media creates an image of how we view the world around us, and it’s important to understand that we are all products of the media.

Langellas death is a reminder to us that we can’t depend on the media to be a reliable source of information. The media can also be a source of misinformation. We are products of the media whether we realize it or not. In fact, the media can have a significant impact on how we view ourselves and others; a study was conducted that showed how the media influences our attitudes toward race, religion, and guns. The media can also be a source of violence.

The study showed that in some ways the media is more violent than we are. One of the things the study showed is that when people are exposed to the news about violence, they are more likely to become more violent. The study also showed that people are still influenced by media in a negative way, and that media is still a source of violence.

As it turns out, the most violent television show in recent memory isn’t the reality show, but the popular television show General Hospital. And that, my friends, is why people are so angry in the current presidential election. A recent poll showed that only about a third of the American population is satisfied with the outcome of the election, and that just a few percent of Americans are actually happy with the results. This is because of the media, which is a source of violence for them.

The point is, people don’t like violence. We don’t like violence because it’s a threat to our way of life. But the media is the primary source of violence in the country. So when people are angry about the media, they’re angry about violence. It makes perfect sense they would want to fight back and fight back violently. When they don’t use violence, it makes them feel safer.

As an example: last night as I was watching the news, I saw a story about a white man who was shot in the abdomen, chest, and neck by four black men. He was sitting in the cafeteria at a local college, and he was one of the four black men. The white man was taken to the hospital, and he was dying and just one of the four black men killed him.

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