which statement about general education policy is most accurate?

For the most part, I agree that general education needs to be improved. I am also in favor of increasing funding for school districts and expanding charter schools.

I think that we need to reduce the amount of money we spend on general education – whether that is by cutting grants and subsidies or making general education more expensive. I also think that, while charter schools are great, they should not be the only option for students with special needs. While I agree that charter schools are not a good solution for certain students, I also think there should be more options for students with disabilities.

If you ask me, the answer is pretty much anything that increases the burden on our children. When parents have to pay more for less, they will often turn to charter schools and voucher districts to get more of a choice in education. I think that students with special needs deserve better.

I don’t know if this is true. I do know that when people complain about charter schools that their complaint is not that they are expensive, but that their options are limited. If you ask me, charter schools are not a good idea for some students. I would rather have them where the parents know they can find a more comprehensive school (or maybe even a private school).

I don’t know what people are complaining about. But I think some of the charter schools are better than not being in a district with a charter school, so I think their complaints are a little more valid. I disagree with the idea that special needs kids should not be in a district with a charter school. I believe in providing all kinds of education options to our students, and I think charter schools are good for that.

I don’t really know what the difference is between traditional district and charter schools. I think there isn’t one. In my mind it’s the same thing. I think everyone should have the basic skills needed for a job, but I don’t think every school should be able to make every decision for their students. A district with a charter school will have some decision making over their students that they have to make.

I don’t think charter schools make anyone better. I think they just provide a lot of choice and flexibility. I think it is the school districts who should make the decision that their students are going to be taking. I think we all need to work together to create a system where a school district can have a lot of flexibility in school selection.

While I agree with a general principle of the charter school movement (or any educational reform movement), charter schools are not all that different from regular public schools. There is the charter school’s charter in a sense, but the charter does not give the school district free money or free reign of the district’s students. The charter school’s charter is only the means by which the district gives the charter school a charter. The district has to approve the charter, and the charter district has to approve the charter.

The charter is the school district which grants the charter. This is different from the public charter which allows the district to approve a charter for the school. The charter school board is the governing body of the charter school which is the only board that can pass a charter.

The charter school board can approve new charter schools, but it is not the public school board, nor is it the district board.

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