the term general senses refers to sensations of

this is the third level of self-awareness. A general sense is a sensation of something happening, such as hearing, feeling, seeing, smelling, or tasting. You can also think of it as a sensation that is universal and all-pervasive.

I think one of the best descriptions of general senses comes from the philosopher David Hume, who wrote that “whatever we can distinctly perceive we can understand.

Hume wasn’t a big-name philosopher. That’s pretty unfortunate because Hume’s claim about the universality of general senses is a pretty important one. It’s also a pretty important one because it means that we can come up with a definition of general senses that covers everything we can think of. Most commonly, this is accomplished by saying that they are sensations that we can recognize as belonging to the same category or type, such as hearing.

The issue has been that our definition of general senses has been incredibly narrow. For example, if we try to define general sense as “I can hear that you are upset,” then we can’t say that we can hear that we are upset. That is not what general sense is. We can say we can hear that we are upset but we can’t say that we are upset.

We can define general sense as the feeling of being in an area that we can recognize as belonging to the same category or type.

This is why I think it’s important to be clear about what we mean by the term. In the same way that we don’t say that we can feel certain things, we don’t say that we can feel that we are upset. The term general sense is a bit more expansive. It refers not to a specific type of sensation, but to the general sense that is aroused by a particular type of sensation.

It is important for us to be clear about what we mean, because being upset is something we all feel. We can feel upset when we are hungry, in pain, or when we are happy. In fact, many of us have an urge to feel upset because it is a natural response to pain or pleasure. What we call general sense is a more subjective and often misunderstood sense of feeling that many of us feel. We are not simply going to call our feelings upset just because we feel them.

Feelings are not just bodily sensations, and so we can feel upset without actually thinking about it. Feelings can be very abstract, like a feeling of anger. Or they can be very concrete, like a feeling of love. When we talk about general sense, we use the words sensual, physical, and corporeal senses to describe all types of sensations. It is often very difficult to separate the physical and corporeal sensations due to the fact that both can be felt.

General senses are the most important sense we have. They are the ones we use to describe the way our emotions make us feel. General senses are the ones that we can feel without thinking about it. We can feel that we’re hungry, we can feel that we’re tired, we can feel that we’re sad, we can feel that we’re happy. The more we can feel these things, the more we understand our emotions.

Feeling the general senses is a lot like having a good night’s sleep. You can fall asleep at the drop of a hat, and wake up with a new set of senses. I know it sounds like I’m trying to compare the two, but I’m not. I am just trying to say that the general senses are very important because you can get them without even thinking about the bodily sensations.

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