the general died at dawn

If you have ever watched cartoons or read a book while on vacation you know that most of the time during the day the characters just keep on doing what they were told to do. The general, however, is an exception. Even in cartoons, the general never actually dies. In fact, the general will stay on for a bit in the show. As a result, the character always seems to just keep on living and acting.

The fact is that, in real life, the general will usually die at night. It can happen at work, it can happen in a car accident, or it can happen when you get drunk and end up in jail. When you’re off the clock, the general will die in the morning, usually by accident.

The general will die at dawn, which is why the general is on the island all day. He’s been there so long that the other Visionaries have been able to convince him to go back to the city to live in peace. He just needs to find another place to stay in case his old friends get to him again.

Deathloop is currently in pre-alpha, and will be available for purchase in October. In the mean time, here are some videos from our hands-on time with the game.

In the first video, deathloop’s developer shows off the game’s various powers, such as a spell that makes you disappear to the middle of a room, and a “glow” that seems to cause the walls to glow. In the second video, the general shows us a new power that allows him to shoot enemies from a distance, presumably so he can see if any of his old friends have survived their last day.

The general is pretty badass and I’d love to see him use it at the very least. In the third video, we see him running down the street with a gun in one hand and a knife in the other. He’s apparently at a party when someone attacks him and then falls down. The video starts off with the general telling us who he is, how he ended up at the party, and that he’s in the middle of a battle.

We were wondering how we were going to find the general and how he’s going to survive the next day, but now we know. Our good friend, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion fan and video game critic, Todd Van Lente has a neat theory on the general and his role in Oblivion. “If the general is alive, then the general has to get into the party. If he is dead, then the general has to be killed. That is the only logical solution.

We’re glad you thought of that, Van Lente. But it’s still a theory, and only time will tell. We’ll update this article when we can confirm that the general is alive.

So now that we know the general is alive (and it’s not just because of some weird Easter Eggs), we can begin to speculate about his role. It appears that the general is basically a sadistic party-going character, although he’s also very nice and is kind to his friends.

I think its very possible that the general is the main villain of the game, but we’ll have to wait and see. One thing I will say is that the general is very much a part of the game world, so it seems plausible that he’s the main antagonist, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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