shaq and the general

At the same time, I feel that there is this perception that the general is a person who is a very well-rounded human being. And I think that’s actually a good thing. The general is just someone who is generally well-rounded. I think that the general and the coach are actually two completely different people; one is highly skilled, and the other is generally less skilled.

The thing I love most about Shaq is that he is a player who knows what he’s doing and he’s incredibly self-aware. He’s able to turn a situation around quickly, and does it by taking control of the situation instead of his emotions. That’s why he’s so good at basketball. Shaq is very aware of his instincts. And he’s able to use them to his advantage in a very strategic way.

Shaq is also a very smart player, and a very good football player. He knows how to play defense, and knows when his teammate needs help. But its the other things that really make him tick. He is very focused on the things that matter, and hes able to get those things done without having to think about it. It is refreshing to see a player like Shaq who is able to find those things that he is truly passionate about and get them done.

Shaq has a strong defensive instinct and is able to create space for his teammates in the backfield while still keeping his own line fresh. In fact, Shaq used to be a player I would have rated highly, but he has really changed the way I think about defense. His new approach to it, with defensive schemes that put the emphasis on getting the ball into the second level, has been very effective.

Shaq’s new approach to his defense is very effective and has been very effective. His new defensive scheme puts more emphasis on the second level and the fact that it’s where both the running and passing lanes are wide open. This allows the safeties to be bigger and faster than before. It also allows the safeties to be much more aggressive and reactive.

The new scheme seems to give Shaq more balance, which is always a plus. The new scheme seems to make Shaq a much more complete player. Shaq’s game is designed to be more complete. It works because Shaq has a much better understanding of how to play the game. He has the game down to a science. There is no magic formula that makes Shaq Shaq. Shaq is Shaq because of his skill and his intelligence.

Shaq is Shaq because of his intelligence, and Shaq is Shaq because he has a great understanding of how the game works. Shaq is Shaq because he’s a gamer. He’s not a manager.

Shaq is Shaq because he knows how to game. He is Shaq because he plays the game like a professional. He is Shaq because all of his games have been highly successful.

Shaq will be the one to break a game down into its many parts: the game, the strategy, the execution, and the outcome. But Shaq’s knowledge of the game isn’t what makes him a great strategist. His intelligence is the key to his success.

Shaq is Shaq because he plays the game like a professional. He knows how to get the best out of his players. Shaq is Shaq because hes a gamer. His knowledge of the game isnt what makes him a great strategist. His intelligence is the key to his success. Shaq can get the most out of his players by doing what he does best and getting them to think like Shaq.

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