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Ohio AG Josh Mandel was nominated by Ohio Governor John Kasich to be the next attorney general. He is an accomplished legal professional and has a track record in fighting for the rights of individuals, families, and communities. In his position, Mandel will be a voice for those who are fighting for justice. At his confirmation hearing, Mandel was asked a broad question about the importance of his work. The question was about how he views his role as attorney general.

I think it’s safe to say that Mandel is very passionate about his work. He was the first attorney general in Ohio history to join the ACLU and to work with the Department of Justice, the DEA, the Department of Education, and the Department of Defense on issues relating to civil liberties. He’s a man who is very interested in the rights and freedoms of his fellow citizens.

Mandel is very much a “progressive” because he believes that everyone should have the same rights and freedoms. He is very committed to enforcing federal law, and when he is not busy doing that he often goes on to champion civil rights for his fellow citizens. As a result many of his actions are based on this belief.

Mandel is also a very progressive person in that he believes that everyone should have the same rights. He is also very dedicated to enforcing federal law, and when he is not busy doing that, he often goes on to champion civil rights for his fellow citizens.

Despite his progressive views, Mandel is often very conservative in his tactics, and he has been known to go on to advocate for some very controversial policies. For example, he recently signed a law that will require all companies to store all forms of birth control in their facilities. He believes that it is important that these regulations be done in a way that is fair and transparent, and he is opposed to religious freedom.

And while he has been known to take a more progressive stance on these issues, he has also been known to go on to promote legislation that will make it easier for people to be able to register as a sex offender. He has been known to advocate for a new state law that would have allowed him to hold a press conference to explain his views on gay marriage.

When the governor announced he was taking on the state’s attorney general in a case against a gay marriage, he was attacked by the ACLU and Ohio Right to Life as a “homophobic, bigoted extremist.” But as anyone with any sense knows, it was just a ploy to get us to pay attention to his stance on the issue and not the case itself.

You can’t make that up if you try. After Ohio Right to Life sued the state and the governor of Ohio for violating the state’s open records law, the governor issued a press release saying, “This case is about a very personal issue for me, and I will defend it strongly and without reservation,” adding later, “I believe strongly that the law should be interpreted as written. I am personally not inclined to challenge that.

We can understand the governor’s point, but we don’t think the point applies to the issue itself. There’s a difference between a “personal issue” and a “case”. The governor is not trying to attack the open records law itself. He’s making a statement about the case itself.

Implying that the governor is trying to create a problem for the act of creating a private citizen. And its not a very good point. The issue is who is allowed to create a private citizen. The case is about the governor attempting to limit the ability of a private citizen to create a citizen, and the governor is saying all private citizens are created equal. Its a bad analogy, but that is the gist of it.

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