national general strike 2021

The first two weeks of the national general strike has many workers across the country protesting against several of the policies implemented by the Trump administration. The strike has started in more than a dozen cities, including Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles.

As always, the strike is a very volatile event. The main goal of the strike is to push back against the Trump administration’s anti-worker policies (such as the recent executive order that allows the US government to suspend federal minimum wage) and to encourage people to band together to fight for better working conditions. For the last few days, we’ve seen a spike in violence and vandalism, which is probably a result of people being angry that the strike isn’t happening.

As anyone who is a part of the movement knows, the strike began on May 18 (a Wednesday) with strikes in over 50 cities across the United States. The strike has since spread to other parts of the country, including Canada, Australia, and even parts of Asia. We don’t know what the outcome will be yet, but we’re hoping that the strike will force the Trump administration to finally change its policies.

For Trump, this is already happening in the form of a protest in Lafayette, Louisiana on the same day that the strike was called.

National general strike is about the ability to strike at the political and social system as a whole. The strike in Lafayette is about Trump’s plan to cut $1.4 trillion from the military budget for these wars in the Middle East.

Trump has been trying to cut spending since he first took the oath of office. That is why he has a policy of saying, “if you cut spending, you have to raise taxes” and “if you raise taxes, you have to cut spending”. It works until the day it doesn’t, but the effect is profound. The only way to have a truly effective protest is to have the general strike happen right before the election, which is what happened in Lafayette.

We don’t think Trump’s policies will ever reduce the military budget, though many people believe he is trying. We think the national general strike is a great idea, and it is the only way to have the military stand up to a president who does not believe in it. It also has a chance of changing the political climate, as people will be more willing to give their support to a protest.

That’s a perfect example of the power of a protest. A government official who does not believe in the cause as strongly enough may not feel the need to stand up to the government. So you might have the military standing up to a president who does not believe in the cause as strongly enough and thus not being forced to stand up to him. That’s another perfect example of what can happen when a protest happens before the election.

Protesting against the government is not much different from protesting against the president. In fact, one of the reasons the government might not be taking an active stance against a protest might be because it would be embarrassing to the government to show weakness. It is a way to show strength to the government without having to admit it. In other words, a protest against the government is also a way to let the government know that you’re not afraid to take a stand.

Protesting against the government is actually a big part of the reason that protests are so popular because in many countries protests are used to show that we are in favor of the government. A government that is seen as weak is a sign that the government is weak, at least for the people who believe in it. And protests can be a way to let the government know that you can take a stand.

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