mirrors for polaris general

This is an experiment I’ve been doing for the past couple of years in which I wear a pair of polaris glasses that are similar to this one below. I’ve worn these for a couple of months and I’ve gotten a lot of positive comments from folks who have been wearing them. They look great on both my face and my eyes. They’re just what I want for my eyes and face, plus I can’t imagine not wearing them.

The polaris is one of those glasses that is designed with two faces, one of which is actually worn on your face to show you something of importance. The other face is actually worn on your eye. It makes it possible for you to see your face in a different way, which is a huge plus when you find yourself in a meeting or something else where you have to see your face for a long time.

Polaris glasses are pretty much the same as sunglasses, only they go on your face instead of your eyes. If you have a mirror in your office, you can see your own reflection in your own office, and your colleague is able to see your face and see your reflection in hers. If you have a mirror in a bathroom with no mirror, you can see yourself in a mirror and see yourself changing from a person who looks like you to a person who looks like someone else.

I’m no stranger to reflective surfaces. I’ve been a student of mirrors for more than two decades, and I’ve witnessed numerous improvements in the technology of mirrors over the years.

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