is morgan coming back on general hospital

i don’t know how morgan is feeling right now, but i hope and pray for him. i mean, he has a very good reason for wanting to be back on the show, plus his brother is on the show, too. morgan is just a really good person and i hope that things will work out for him.

If you have watched general hospital, then you know that Morgan’s brother, Mark is on the show. He’s just a little older and a little more sarcastic. There have been rumors of an on-again, off-again romance between Mark and Morgan, but we don’t know any details. Mark is set to return on the show on June 7th, and his return date is not yet set.

So who is Morgan? He’s the guy who plays the hospital intern who keeps talking about wanting to get back on the show, and is being asked to go back on the show to prove that he can do it. He’s the guy that Morgans brother is in love with, too. In the trailer, he looks like he’s about 10 years older than Morgan (probably younger) and he’s just as sarcastic.

This is still the best thing on the show, you can tell. Like I said, there are still a few more ways to die, but this is the best thing on TV.

Now that hes not a character we haven’t seen in too long, I’m really looking forward to seeing him back on the show. I know I’ll be the first to admit its still early, but I’m already looking forward to seeing him.

We’ve seen Morgan before when he was a teenager, but we haven’t seen him now that hes a mature man (and probably a bit older than you). Im hoping we’ll get to see him again sometime soon, because we need him back. We need to find out what happened to him and what he did before then, and we need to find out if he’s the kind of guy who can take care of himself.

Like many people, Morgan is a recovering alcoholic who has been sober for almost 10 years, but has had to go back to a drinking problem. He is, in fact, the first person we’ve seen who has been sober since the show premiered. We dont know whether or not Morgan has been telling the truth about his past or if he has just gone back to drinking because he isnt interested in being the “good guy” anymore.

At the very least you can bet that Morgan will be back on general hospital soon. He will be a regular guest on the show, so we have good reason to believe he will take care of himself, and even show up for the reunion.

As I said, I have never been a fan of general hospital. I feel like it is a show that shows the darker side of the human race. You can tell it was meant to be a comedy, even though it is a horror show. I can watch it and not see anything funny coming. Even if Morgan does come back to general hospital we will be at a loss.

It could be, but I can’t see it happening. Morgan is a very busy man with an agenda, and his return would be at the expense of the show. Plus, we all know the show is a comedy and not a horror show. Even if he does come back to general hospital, it won’t be to play detective or to solve murders. He will be there to make fun of his own show, and that’s the point of the show, especially this season.

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