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This is a clip from the ABC News interview with President Trump on the inspector general’s investigation into his administration.

It’s all very vague and ambiguous, but I think this is as clear as it’s going to get. The video starts with the President being asked about the IG’s investigation into the Justice Department and then proceeds to make comments about his own investigation, not in a good way.

The President has said that if he is found guilty of corruption, he will pardon those who he considers to be guilty, including his former personal attorney, Roger Stone. It’s clear that the IG’s investigation is not over, and the President might be planning to use the investigation as a way to get a pardon.

The President seems to have been right after all. His attitude changed a bit, as he was asked about the investigation, and he says: “Not only the Justice Department, but also the Justice Department’s National Security Council, are being investigated. That’s why the IGs is so important, because the Justice Department is helping my attorney and his lawyer. And we can do that,” he adds, referring to the Justice Department’s Inspector General.

That sounds like the investigation is going to be used by the President as a way to get a pardon. Then again, it could be that the prosecutor’s office has been tipped off by someone in the Justice Department.

The IGs is a really good example of how a bad government can be a good thing. There have been plenty of cases of law enforcement using them for partisan gain. In 2010, the Department of Justice was involved in a case involving the IGs in the state of California. The IGs were ordered to investigate a man who’s been accused of lying to the authorities for over a year.

This is a good example of the IGs being an issue at play here in the U.S.A.

The inspector general case is a good example because it shows how the Justice Department is able to manipulate the system. It is an example of how the IGs have to take some responsibility for their decisions. The IGs is able to convince the government that the man has been lying, but the government has no real proof of that. What the IGs does is use a lie detector test to show that the man is lying, and then uses that to order the man to be sent to prison.

The inspector general case is a great example of how the Justice Department is able to manipulate the system to see how much information the government has to tell them. It’s the IGs, and they’re not that much more than a group of bureaucrats who are trying to dictate the system. If a government thinks they are having an issue with their people, and the government finds out about it (like the FBI is doing in the case of the GIs) then it’s the IGs.

In this case, the IGs believe that the government is going to be the one to initiate an investigation of the death of a man who was working for the FBI. This is because the IGs believe that the FBI wants to pin the death on the GIs. The IGs believe that since the death was a suicide, this means the FBI is trying to cover up the fact that its the GIs who ordered the man to kill himself.

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