in general the warmest biomes in the world are found

In general, in the western world, the warmest biomes in the world are found in the northern hemisphere. Antarctica is the coldest, while the middle latitudes are the warmest. This is because the air over warm biomes is thinner and drier, resulting in heat loss.

As the name implies, the biomes are made of rocks, like all the other major biomes. The difference is that rocks can be warmed to a much higher temperature and that they are much more resistant to erosion.

The coldest biomes are found in the tropics, where the warmest climates are found by glacial meltwater. As a whole, this ice-cold biomes has an overall cooler temperature – around 60C (at about 200Km above sea level) than the average tropical biomes. The tropics are also cooler in the warmer climates than the tropics, with an average of over 100C (at about 200Km) and a maximum of 100C.

this is a good example of why you should never be afraid of warm climates. This is because warm climates are actually much safer than cold ones. There are many very cold climates in the world, but these cold ones are not dangerous at all. For example, the Arctic and Antarctic both have a very high temperature, but their temperatures are not dangerous – they’re merely cold.

In fact, some of the colder climates are even cooler than the tropics, but not all of them. For example, the Arctic is at an average of about 85C at about 200Km, and a maximum of 100C. In the case of the other cold climates, the average temperature is only about 40C.

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