how old is laura wright on general hospital

My favorite general hospital character ever. I’ve been watching her on tv and I like her since she’s from general hospital.

Not only is she a general TV character, but she is also one of my favorite women of all time. It’s because of her that I watch general hospital so often. My favorite episode? The very first episode, I think? I actually watched the entire season 6 season on one of my old VHS tapes.

Its because I’m a sucker for general hospital. I’m obsessed with it. Every episode is better than the last and I have a huge collection of tapes. I just started watching the new one, which I’m not allowed to say anything about, because I have to hide from the spoilers. But I am obsessed with it. I’m even a general who is obsessed with general.

In just two hours on January 6, the upcoming episode of the show has us set up to meet the new girl, laura wright, played by the always adorable, and only, laura wright. I think I will probably take some of the spoilers with a grain of salt, but all that I can say about her is that she is, at best, a total pain in the butt.

She’s also very, very young. She’s only 25 and she’s only been in general hospital for 3 months. Her character development is pretty limited. She’s not nearly as funny as she is on TV, and she seems to be the only character who is still stuck in between the ages of 18 and 24, so not really making much of an impression. All of her interactions with the other patients are a little awkward and she seems a little bit of a bitch to get along with.

The only reason I know anything about her at all is because she is a patient at the hospital and she was a witness to the murder of her father by the man who murdered her mother. (She was also the last patient to leave the hospital after it was attacked by the other patients.

I had a blast watching the first two episodes of this new season of general hospital but I can’t believe it’s already three episodes in. It’s a great new show (and that’s saying something because it’s a really good show), but it keeps getting better.

Its not just the new season that keeps getting better. Its the writing, the acting, and the storyline. We already know that laura is the daughter of the man who murdered Laura wright, but she has little to no memory of that murder and has a lot of questions about what happened. She’s also a witness to the murder of her mother, so if she and her mother were close, it could be significant.

We already know that laura has a lot of questions, but we haven’t seen much of her since she was a child. Hopefully the show will continue to shed light on the events that led to her mother’s death and how the two of them became enemies.

laura wright is a teenager who wants to live her life in the way that her mother was. She may or may not remember the murder of her mother by her father. The show also hints that laura’s mother was murdered because of how her mother had gotten her mother pregnant. The show would probably not be as good if we didnt have this little tidbit to work with.

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