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I love this quote from this article. I think its saying that the only way to be truly happy is to have no regrets. This isn’t a bad thing. I have no regrets in my career, but when I think of what I was really meant to be doing, I think of a lot of things that I didn’t do and why. When I think about all the things I am grateful for I really do have the “what’s next” in mind.

I always wonder why people do the things they do. I guess it’s just the way we are. We like to believe that if we do these things, we will be happy, but happiness comes with a lot of other things.

You know, I like to think that the reason I’m so happy is that I accomplished a lot of great things in my life that are a testament to how hard I work and how much I care about my friends, family, and the world. But then I have to think, how can I be completely happy and be at ease with myself? I cant be at ease with myself because I dont want to be miserable. In fact, I would much rather keep my happiness to myself.

I think the problem with that statement is that you can’t keep it to yourself. Sure, you could stop being miserable (and make friends, and have more fun, and have a life that isn’t a complete hell), but there are other things to keep your happiness at bay. There’s the things that are good about you, the things that make you so valuable that you can’t be happy with yourself if you don’t have to be.

I don’t have a problem with not being happy. I have a problem with not being valued. I have a problem with not being happy, because I think it is a sign to go a waste and let your happiness go to your head.

But you need to put some effort into your happiness, because eventually it will come back and bite you. As someone once said, “The only way you can truly enjoy life is if you are constantly trying to be unhappy.” But maybe you’re not trying enough now. Maybe you need to change your approach to happiness. You’ve been through a lot in the last year, perhaps you need to get a little more positive.

You know I’m not a fan of the word, but I think its meaning here is that you need to find that positive force within yourself that propels you forward with such strength. When you do, it will also be the energy that will let you go for a while, and then come back to you and tell you how to make the next step. That’s how you become happy. The energy to make that happen is your own.

It was in 2006 that I wrote my first novel “Mystery of the Blue Lotus,” about a girl named Jang Yoon (Han Ji Hyun) and a boy named Hae Yun (Kim Sung Hyun). They were both born on the same day (the 11th of October), and came from the same family.

Jang and Hae are the main characters in this story. Jang is a girl who is obsessed with the Blue Lotus, the famous historical flower that the Japanese tried to take over during World War II. She has a vision of her father, the king, being assassinated by the Japanese, and then the Blue Lotus being brought to life, and her father growing up as an “alien”, a ghostlike being. Hae is a girl who is obsessed with Hae Yun.

Both Jang and Hae have a lot of the same personality traits, such as an obsessive-compulsive nature and a desire to be the center of attention. They are both able to connect with others from the same background, and both have a lot of the same traits that make them good at what they do. However, both of these girls have a lot of trouble with a lot of the same things, which makes them much better at what they do.

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