general patton’s dog

I can’t believe how many people out there think it’s appropriate to beat up on our pets or to humiliate them. But I have to say that the reason I do this is because I love my dogs so much.

Some of the worst things a person can do is to humiliate their dog. I’ve seen this a thousand times, and I am the only one who can actually do this without insulting my dog. It is one of the most humiliating things to do, and for that reason I have always wondered why people do it.

The reason is because it shows how much of a dick we are to our dogs. In a show like General Patton in World War II, the person who beats up their dog is basically an idiot. And if you ask me, thats the kind of person that would be the head of an elite special forces commando unit in the ’60s. This is why I don’t like to see anyone do it. I think it reflects poorly on our society at large.

People who beat up dogs for no reason are not just idiots, they are cowards. Its a way of showing other people how superior they are to their pets. It’s not about being a badass or something. It’s simply about showing that you are not normal. It’s a way of demonstrating your superiority over your dog.

The story of General Patton’s dog is a bit like a lot of the stories of heroes in history. He was a badass American hero who was willing to do anything to protect his friends. He was a soldier who was willing to die for his country. His dog became his best friend. It’s not a great story, but it is a story nonetheless.

This is a new game but the first game ever introduced a new character. I can’t wait to see how the story progresses.

Its not the story of General Pattons dog, its the story of its development. It takes players back to a time when the United States was a great nation, but the American military was still very small. The government felt it needed new heroes and General Pattons dog was that hero. Its his best friends dog, but its not even his best friend.

So, General Patton is a great dog. Its so much better than most dogs because of that and because he is so awesome. We have such a hard time identifying with dogs. We have no idea what to do with them. They look like they are just waiting their turn to eat. We always have to get them fed. Even when its food, we have to get it to them before they finish it.

He also wears a bow tie. I’ve never seen a bow tie on a dog before. We also have to eat a lot of food. It’s the dog equivalent to chicken salad sandwiches. We have to eat them before we can eat our food. We can’t just eat our food right away. We have to let them finish their meals first. And when we’re done eating, we have to go to the bathroom.

The dog’s name is General Patton. That’s because the General himself is a dog like this. He wears a bow tie and a general’s hat, and is obsessed with the general’s dogs. His dogs are all named Patton (they have a lot of Patton puns, actually). They all have a general’s dog badge. There are a lot of dogs in the game, but there are only four of them.

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