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I’ve been a fan of Neil deGrasse Tyson for quite some time. He has a very clear mind, and his message is clear to everyone, and it’s no wonder he’s a very successful scientist (and a bit of a prick). While on his show “The Science of Space” he talked about the idea of general dynamics.

In general, the only thing I can think of that Neil deGrasse Tyson is a bit “on the nose” is his recent comment about the way the universe is. He says that we are all part of a larger whole, and that it is not a given that the universe will go into a “dysfunctional state.

General dynamics is a theory proposed by physicist David Bohm. It’s very simple, and so are most things in the world. It states that all matter and energy can be thought of as having a fundamental existence. Basically, you can think of matter and energy as a kind of cloud. This cloud has a very small amount of mass, but it can be thought of as being infinitely dense. However, this cloud will not be infinite.

What will happen is that if you take the entire universe as a single cloud, it will become infinite. Everything you know about the universe, it will be all included in this cloud. But then you will see how this cloud is very light, and it will begin to shrink as it contracts. As the cloud contracts it will also begin to vibrate. The vibrations will increase and increase, and eventually they will build to an unimaginable point of high frequency instability.

There are two types of this instability, it’s called a red shift, and it’s caused by many different things. The main one is known as the Red Giant Effect. In the late 1800s, astronomers found red giants. These are the largest stars that have ever been seen. There is a very high energy wave that is being emitted from these stars, and it’s causing the stars to vibrate and emit high frequency waves as they contract.

In the early 19th century, there were a lot of people that wondered what would happen to all this energy once these stars had been consumed. This idea would be the basis for the theory of General Relativity. It was later found that the stars were actually being compressed due to the expansion of the universe.

Yes, you’re probably thinking. I just noticed that in my email today. It was the General Theory of Relativity. The theory that came to be known as the General Theory of Relativity postulated that the amount of energy in any given body of matter is directly proportional to the square of its mass. The energy of a star (such as a massive black hole), if it really was being consumed, would be decreasing as its mass was increasing.

In this theory, we would be able to predict that stars would eventually become so massive that they would no longer be able to hold on to their energy, so they would explode, releasing their gravitational energy as a massive burst of radiation. This is the point at which we would no longer know exactly how massive our stars were, because the universe would be so large that the radius of light from a star could only be known at some point after the star exploded.

The main point is that if we were able to figure out the exact size of the universe, we would be able to tell when a star would explode, and would be able to predict the exact amount of energy it would give off. Thus it is possible to predict the number and type of stars that would eventually be so big that they would not be able to hold on to their energy forever.

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