dollar general fairmont wv

When I heard about the sale of the former dollar general store at 5400 W. Main St., I knew I needed to go check it out and see if it was still there. After walking a few blocks down the street, I saw the signs for the sale I was so looking for. The sale went on through the end of July. I’m glad to say that the store is still there, but the sign is long gone.

The signs for the sale, as well as the store itself, were painted with an “oops, I guess the old store is no longer around” caption. This meant that when you visited, you were greeted by the store’s former employees, not the former owners. Many of the employees have moved on to other jobs and have not been replaced with new ones, but the sign was there so you knew exactly who to go to for help. The place is now a used clothing store.

The sign is still there, so the next time you come to Dollar General, you may not see it, especially if you’re near the entrance. It may not even be on your list of places to visit.

In the name of the old school, the word “money” would be a good description.

Dollar General is a large discount store. You can find pretty much anything you need there, and they have some really good deals on certain items. They’re also a great place to browse for stuff you’ve been meaning to buy for a while, like furniture. They also have some really cool locations in their stores. One of the most memorable ones was when the original owners decided to keep the store as part of the mall.

This is a store that started out as a whole new mall and then found a nice place in its own right. Dollar General, as a concept, grew and grew. With the growth of the mall, Dollar General lost its sense of purpose and became just another store. It became more and more a place for people to do their shopping. It became more and more a place to get cheap stuff for cheap prices.

But before it could become such a great place, it needed to get a lot more money. So the first time that Dollar General opened a store in a mall, it was a success. The mall grew in size and the stores grew in popularity and the success of the stores led to a whole lot more. The mall was big, they got a lot of money, and the stores grew. But that was not the end of the story. In the real world, the mall eventually went bankrupt.

When Dollar General folded, it was not a total loss. The mall itself was a successful business venture and was able to grow from the ground up. And while the mall may have failed in the end, the Dollar General stores didn’t. There were plenty of successful stores in the mall, but there was a lot more money in the mall than just the stores. So Dollar General was able to use that money to pay off debt, help its employees, and hire more employees to help it grow.

The dollar store was not the death of Dollar General. Though it may have been a tough blow, the dollar store was also a small part of the overall plan for the mall, and it did lead to a change in direction for the mall.

The Dollar General’s plan was to use the money from the dollar stores to pay for things like building a new mall, getting new stores, and creating new jobs. I’m not a financial analyst nor a mathematician, but I think Dollar General was at least a good part of the plan. The plan was to have a new mall, a new set of stores, and a new job base.

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