confederate general hat

The Confederacy’s general in the Civil War was John C. Pemberton, who wore a hat from the early 1800s.

Pemberton’s hat is very much the Confederate general we’re seeing today. He was a Confederate officer, and an avid Confederate flag collector. Even though he wore it during the Civil War, he didn’t get much credit for it.

Pemberton was definitely a fan of the Union flag. In fact, one of the reasons he was so successful in the South was he was able to work with the Union government to get the Confederate flag removed from public display. It isn’t clear whether he got any compensation for this.

It turns out that Pemberton was also a huge fan of the Union flag, and a huge fan of the Confederate flag as well, but he was also a fan of the original flag, and a fan of the black-and-white flag. In fact, he was a huge fan of the color blue. He was also a fan of the Confederate flag, and apparently a fan of the Civil War.

Like a lot of people, Pemberton has a Confederate General hat on. The general is a Confederate soldier whose name is given to the hats they wear, and he is presumably a fan of the South.

Pemberton is a self-made millionaire who has spent his life trying to understand the Civil War. He is an avid fan of the Blue Flag, and he is also a fan of the Union, and a fan of the Confederate flag. He is also a fan of the color blue. And he looks like a Confederate general, which makes him a fan of the flag as well.

But why is there a Confederate general hat on Pemberton’s head, you might ask? Because the general is a fan of a Confederate flag, that’s why, and that’s why the hat is on his head. Pemberton is a fan, and he’s also a major fan of the Blue Flag. And he’s also a fan of the Confederacy. And he’s just a little bit of a general, that’s all.

The Confederate flag has been the emblem of the U.S. since the Civil War. So it makes sense that the general would be a fan. But why does he have his hat on? Well, this is because fans of the flag have a tendency to wear their hats on the left side of their heads, and the general is a fan of the flag as well.

The reason the general wears a Confederate flag on his hat is because the flag is a symbol of the United States’ “Confederate” roots. So instead of taking a normal hat, the general would wear a Confederate general cap, which is a symbol of the Confederacy. The general also has a penchant for hats with “blue” trim, which is a symbol of the Confederacy.

It’s easy to see why people might think a general should wear a Confederate general cap. The general was a military hero and leader of the Confederate army, and he was a great general. Also, he was a part of the Civil War, so he was a great part of the war.

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